HA!!! Thank you Thank you! You’re far too kind!! Pinch Punch 1st of the Month and No Reblogs??? Did that Rhyme?

Lol anyway I am back in the Trapped mag building and let’s get into this weeks top 5! In just over a month and a bit the whole World is going to go World Cup crazy so the King is Going to give you the Top 5 World Cup Inspired Trainers for Brazil 2014 that are already out and are coming out for you to get your football frenzied hands on…

5.  Nike Air Max 90 EM National Pack

Nike have spiced up their iD option especially for the World Cup, providing World Cup friendly colourways of the Air Max 90 sillhouette with the option to add the teams crest and your own personal touches. Available now on


4. Nike SB Lunar Gato (World Cup Pack)

At first glance you would think this is an Astro turf Trainer but look again and you will see that its a Nike SB, this shows you the influence of the World Cup for Nike to style a silhouette from another popular sport. This dope collection is also available now Via


3. Nike Womens Air Max 1 “Country Pack” for World Cup

So in at number 3 is another Nike Joint, this time for the ladies, The Airmax 1 colourway takes inspiration from USA, Brazil and Portugal, even though I kinda don’t get why they didn’t do more for the ladies this pack is straight fire! it is dropping soon at Crooked Tongues, I am sure not only the ladies will be rocking these. Coming soon to


2. Asics Gel ‘Brazil Pack’ 

In at a very close number 2 is one of the brands of the moment Asics, with the Brazil Pack which includes the Gel Epirus, and the ever popular Gel Lyte V. This Pack was previewed around 4 months ago and I think they decided to drop it closer to the World Cup itself, either way this is a sick take on the Brazil colours, Bright Blue, Yellow and Green which make a fantastic arrangement on this sick shoe. Available Now Via Size? and Footpatrol


1. Jordan ‘Brazil’ Pack 

In at number 1 is a Jordan Inspired World Cup Colourway pack, the full release details are not available yet however the Jordan VI silhouette has been confirmed and the other sneaker will be revealed on here ASAP.

This has been the King and this has been the Kings Top 5. Peace Until Next week!

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