HA! The King is back and he feels the energy!! How is the Trapped Magazine family doing? Since I am in a good mood let me reminisce a bit about the sneakers game and have a look at some of the stuff I used to rock and see being rocked as a kid, lets look at the Top 5 Retro’s I feel are doing that damn thing right now.

5. Fila Cage

Right in at number 5 is a brand that everyone kinda disowns a bit now and I am thinking why! Don’t you remember the 90’s when Fila had the streets on lock? But I have to say it’s good to have this model back, I remember my sister rocking these in the 90s and now they are back with a special collab with Rise! I had to give them a little mention in the list! Welcome back Fila! Er ain’t they already in JD Sports ummm?

4. Diadora N9000

Seems like the resurgence of the Sneaker game has done some good and brought back some classics that people would not have looked twice at especially the Diadora Range, these are a 90’s running classic and have been brought back with a bang! with collaborations all over the place. I am a Nike man but the N9000’s are looking so so dope I think it’s only right that I put them in the top 5. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

3. Size? X Nike Huarache Light

Now it seems like every week Size? make my top 5 some how, but they are banging out everything. Every week they have a new announcement and a new collaboration I have to mention! Anyway they have come again with this mashup of the old Huarache racer from 94 and an unreleased air burst 05 and created this beauty the Huarache light “14”, the way they kept to the original colours, they simply pop just like an actual mango, its sick!! This is definitely a summer purchase with some Hawaii shorts!! POW!

2. Kith Exclusive Re-Issues 

Mr Midas Touch Ronnie Fieg is back again with what seems to be his favorite collaboration partner Asics, bringing back some OG colourways of the Classic and Comfortable Gel Lyte V’s. Seems like the whole Asics Gel Range is getting a massive revival and Ronnie is leading the charge and as always these two new er old colourways are so dope. But my question is do you think Mr Fieg can make Hi-Tech Cool again? Lol. Its all good Mr Fieg get that money man, the King respects the hustle! Salute!

1. Footpatrol X Nike Huarache Exclusive 

So this is Kinda a blog world exclusive that the King can officially announce that Footpatrol are doing a what looks like a Huarache light OG collaboration! And I can’t lie the King is a bit excited to see what they bring back. But the reason for it being number 1 is that everything (er almost) everything that Footpatrol produces seems to be a sure hit! so lets wait and see, but for more info you know who to follow… @KingOfTrainers

Peace and remember to Keep it KING’ING!!

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