Ha! The King is here…

So the King’s thing lately is all about Evolution and Evolving so my Top 5 is all about new silhouettes that are coming to the Sneaker World! The King loves seeing innovation, so take a seat, relax your feet and see whats next to hit the Street!! Lol (There I go again with the Rapping!)


 5. Nike Air Pegasus 89 Ostrich

So I am starting this top 5 with a classic silhouette that Nike has given a little twist and added Ostrich Skin to… Nike has taken The Original Runner the Pegasus from 89 and mixed it up, it kinda feels like a custom but it’s an original make up which makes it more special. I hope Nike continues to add quality touches to more of their classic runners. But this is definitely in my Top 5!


 4. The New Nike Kaishi… 

These are a blatantly a Roshe Run rip off but it doesn’t matter cause its Nike and Nike own the Roshe, plus they own the Air Flow which they borrowed the sole from. This is definitely going to be a mad comfortable sneaker when it drops, if you own a Roshe or a Flow you will know what I am talking about. And these keep a simple clean look so I would say they are gonna be a winner when they drop….


 3. The New Air Force one 14 Lunar 

Now, Now, Now! when I saw these my insides went all jelly and sh!t I used to be an AF1 die hard fan and to see that they have used their new Lunar sole on a signature silhouette made me say YES!! This is one of my favourites in this list. It really shows that you can push the boundaries with any sneaker just when you think it’s over for that sneaker, evolution can happen at any time. Both black and white AF1 Lunar are out now.


 2. The Roshe Run Flyknit 

Now this is special! Nike applying their innovative Flyknit technology to one of their most popular new silhouettes is gonna be a madness. My question is, the Roshe run is a light sneaker as it is, so how are they gonna make it any lighter? Umm Flyknit that is how, these are gonna be so nice people ain’t going to wanna run in them. Lol


1. The Nike Air Max 97 Jacquard-rio-de-janeiro

At first glace I wasn’t too sure about these, but after seeing this again I am all over them, they look amazing. Using the Brazil colours and the carnival colours at the back, I totally get it and not to mention using the classic 97 sneakers Whoa! .. Seems like Nike are pushing the levels further and further ahead of the rest.

Evolve Or Die…

Peace and remember to Keep it KING’ING!!

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