The Harmony Skateboards



Harmony skateboards was created in 2004 by artist Dave Dixon and filmer Adam Mondon in the East Anglia, England. As well as their own creative range of skateboards that range from Mosaic prints to colourful eye catching designs, the company also do collaborations with with other UK designers to keep their designs innovative and fresh. Following in the tradition of the Skate game Harmony also have a skate team  with sponsored riders such Jak Pietryga, Tony da Silva, Dom Henry, Will Harmon, Ali Drummond and more. 

The Skate team create  full length visual films that are enjoyed by the skating community, with titles  including ‘Euro Dreams’, ‘Web Gang’ and ‘Jeremy Jones X Grey’.

There is something very refreshing about The Harmony with their young creative team, their innovative designs and their skilled skateboard films that makes this team worth watching out for.

Words: Sydney Harris Mckenzie




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