Tesla Model 3 Finally Arrives in the UK


Finally, Tesla has delivered its anticipated Model 3 electric saloon car to UK roads. The launch of the Tesla Model 3 was as smooth as Elon Musk would have liked as the company decided to pull the basic version from online sales preferring instead to push the more premium ‘Standard Plus’ version. Customers of the Model 3 have previously experienced delays of up to 3 years since first placing their orders. To compensate UK customers now have a number of options ranging from £38,900  for the Standard Range Plus model, to £47,900 for the Long Range model and £56,900 for the Performance model.

As part of their marketing and to push sales Tesla’s website states that the Model 3’s prices include the UK government-funded plug-in car grant of £3,500 and that owners will save fuel totally £9,500. Disappointingly Tesla does not divulge on how long this saving takes to reap the rewards of, or how much it will cost to charge the Model 3 — which is exempt from using Tesla’s network of Superchargers for free, unlike its bigger Model S and Model X offerings. For those looking to add “Full Self-Driving Capability,” you can expect to add a premium of £4,900 if you install the autonomous software before delivery, or £6,800  if it’s added later on. Model 3’s will hit the road from June this year.