We caught up with Terry from AREUDUMBTV. We Simply asked him to tell us about himself and his work, check it out.

I’m Terry Nii-Odoi. I create comical and dramatical videos/pieces. Before I started ‘AREUDUMBTV’ I was the guy that was always trying to be funny and it got to a point where people would say ‘I would PAY to watch you be a comedian’. I felt like I needed to express myself visually so I started creating silly, funny video blogs purely for entertainment purposes. However, I started to go out and get my friends to come out to create mini funny scenes to go with the video blogs. As time went on it seemed I was putting more effort into the scenes than the topics I was talking about. I’ve been an actor since the age of about 11 and I was finding it difficult to find auditions and castings, there was nothing around. So this was my chance to GIVE myself a role. So I started to make comical videos to build a bit of buzz. I also realised that AREUDUMBTV is something I want to make a platform for other actors/actresses or creative people to get involved with to put them out there and keep them productive. I recently created a mini dramatical piece entitled ‘Untold Story’ which stars some young talented actors. It dawned on me that if I can get youths together to be creative and use their time productively ON TOP of doing what they love, then there’s no barriers to what more I can do. I aim to not only establish myself as an actor/entertainer/writer/director but to keep entertaining the public as well as being able to give talented people that push in being creative and to help put them on the map, I refuse to give up. Onwards and Upwards.

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