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obey logo front

The use of logos and branding for streetwear became massive in the 1990’s, when having a logo emblazoned across the front of a sweatshirt was an unmissable trend. Towards the end of the 1990’s the more high end designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, also jumped on the bandwagon of over the top branding until gradually the trend subsided, but now the concept is back in force and is proving especially popular amongst many UK streetwear companies. This is due to the fact that wearing a particular logo is a move of self expression, giving off a clear statement of what each individual likes and allowing many designers to create pieces to match their brand and get it noticed. This popular trend is effortless street style at it’s best, with fashion and streetwear companies such as Thunder Apparel, UDI Creations and Obey (featured below) all producing their own original designs.

obery ghrid<

Obey Logo T-shirt and Sweater available at

thunder grid<

Thunder Apparel Logo Sweats and T-shirts available at

udi creations grid<

UDI Creations Pharaoh Logo T-shirt and UDI sweatshirt available at

Words by Katie Maloney

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