SoundUp Sessions – UK Music events



SoundUp Sessions: is a new platform for UK Musical talent caters for the audience as well as promoting the artists, a SoundUP sessions is anything but your average gig…..SoundUp Sessions hold SECRET and INTIMATE live music sessions in hidden venues around London. They create a unique musical experience for the audience and provide London’s music lovers with the chance to watch live music in a setting that steers far away from your average gig. All of the sessions are held in interesting and unique venues only those that sign up to the event know the secret location, adding to the sessions exclusivity and intimacy. Previous sessions have been held on rooftops, in churches and in abandoned warehouses making each one different and unexpected.

SignUp to SoundUp to become part of the SoundUp family circle of trust and for the chance to attend one of their exclusive Secret Sessions. Just give them a nudge at and they will know what you mean!


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