Nike Vision Launches Its Essential Lifestyle Collection of Sunglasses


Just over two years ago the Nike creative team challenged themselves to reinvent eyewear for athletes. In 2016 Nike Vision has officially launched its new Essential Lifestyle collection of sunglasses. Featuring the most cutting edge technology constructed with sports performance and daily demands in mind, as well as designs inspired by a mix of streetwear, skate parks and fashion runways from around the world.

The sunglasses range features durable lightweight nylon frames suitable for daily wear, Max Optics lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and sharp vision, and six base frames for each of the four styles: the Nike Essential Jaunt (Aviator-inspired curved lens silhouette), the Nike Essential Spree (a timeless square frame with a notched nose bridge), the Nike Essential Venture (a linear, dipped top frame with a strong square shape), and the Nike Essential Chaser (wide, square lenses with softened edges for a retro look).

You can check out the Nike Vision Essential Lifestyle Collection here.

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