Nike, H&M and Zara Are Some of the World’s Most Valuable Apparel Brands in 2017

Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy has revealed that Nike, H&M and Zara are in its Most Valuable Apparel Brands of 2017 list.

Nike unsurprisingly leads the pack, currently valued at $32 billion USD. Next on the list at $19 billion USD is H&M. Another relevant brand that has jumped up on the list is Zara, knocking off High End Fashion brand Louis Vuitton from #3. The latest revelations will surprise sportswear fans that thought that adidas and Under Armour were closing on Nike, as the Oregon based Sportswear is miles ahead of the two of them.

Brand Finance produces its list by considering the following elements — sales, market share, as well as global reputation, marketing investment and employee satisfaction. The top 10 brands are named below, but you can catch the full list here.

1. Nike — $32 billion
2. H&M — $19 billion
3. Zara — $14.4 billion
4. Louis Vuitton — $13 billion
5. Adidas — $10 billion
6. Uniqlo — $9.6 billion
7. Hermes — $8.3 billion
8. Rolex — $7 billion
9. Gucci — $6.8 billion
10. Cartier — $6.7 billion

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