London Fashion Week: Street Style Shots


In case you haven’t been on this planet this last week, London Fashion Week hit Somerset House and turned London into a catwalk. We were down there this week to get a feel for how street wear and high fashion are fusing together to create some very interesting personal styles and looks, enjoy the pics below and look out for more pics on our dedicated style Instagram and Twitter pages @Trappedmagstyle.

Photographer: Gareth Gregg

untitled shoot-9664 untitled shoot-9676 untitled shoot-9680 untitled shoot-9714

untitled shoot-9739

untitled shoot-9752

untitled shoot-9758

untitled shoot-9764 untitled shoot-9767 untitled shoot-9791 untitled shoot-9844 untitled shoot-9893-Edit untitled shoot-9907 untitled shoot-9910 untitled shoot-9938 untitled shoot-9950

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