HA!! So the King is back in the Trapped Magazine building and today I’m gonna shine the Top 5 spot light on the Puma Disc Blaze, A Trainer that has seen a serious emergence over the past two years since the mighty Ronnie Fieg designed a coat of arms colourway,



5: Puma Disc Blaze OG – White – Orange – Teal

These are super dope with most of the silhouette covered in a white mesh accompanied by a teal and orange colourway. No release date as yet but these will make an impact.


4: Puma Disc Blaze OG “Black Pack”

These are a change from what we have see from the silhouette, but it is safe to say that these are a compliment to the Puma Disc Blaze line up. The sneakers are very reminiscent of the original colourways of the early to late 90’s. This pack has a very subtle pinch of hot pink or orange, both on the heel and the interior, that breaks them up nicely, my choice out of the two are the all black and pink ones.


 3. Puma Disc Blaze “Tropical” Pack

Now this is more like it a Disc Blaze that has the colourway of the Braziianl flag! Loving these hands down, full stop. I think the blue and yellow ones look crazy with a floral pattern on the lower side. For me its all about the Brazianl Colour way. I heard a rumor that the Brazilian colourway Disc is the official football team casual trainer for many of the Puma sponsored World Cup Football Players so keep your eyes peeled this summer. The great thing is these are out now via concepts store


2. PUMA Trinomic Fluro Mesh Evolution Pack 2014

I chose these cause they are more functional than I find them stylish, the reason I say this is the Disc Blaze’s in this pack are bright Orange and bright Lemon Yellow! For me these stand out because if you wanna use them for the real purpose which is running then these are the best and brightest running trainers you will ever need cause in the night the 3M that covers the upper will shine bright like a diamond, trust me!! And also if you wanted to use them for Style you will stand out from the crowd literally.

The Trinomic Fluro Mesh Evolution Pack drops on  21st June 2014.


 1.Sophia Chang x Puma “Brooklynite” Collection

Now these made number 1 on my Disc Blaze top 5 because these are simply dope! not only are they dope, they are designed by a fellow Trendsetter like “Ahem” myself. Sometimes the best things come in the simplest forms and these are one of them, the all white colourway is like soft snow and marshmallows and the all black are like er ummm i’m tryna find a kool word for soft and black, anyway you get my point they are too dope check them out when they hit the shops on 1st July!! Well done Sophia!! The King Salutes you. The “Brooklynite” capsule from Chang should be available on July 1st at Puma retailers globally as well as online.

I Hope you enjoyed my Top 5, Now I hope the King can get his own Disc Blaze Collab soon…

Peace and remember to Keep it KING’ING!!

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