Unless you have been in a spaceship these past couple weeks you will realise that Thursday 12th June is the start of the World Cup and it seems that Nike know’s this and wanna drop 10 different Nike silhouettes on the weekend of the World cup so I have had a look and I am going to focus on the Jordan releases cause I will be here all day otherwise…

OK lets get into it!!


5. The Jordan “Iguana” Futures

Well well another Jordan Future drop it seems that Nike are dropping Futures every week, and the funny thing is in the UK the release date is the 14th June 2014 and in the states its been pushed back! But the King isn’t complaiin as my dude Bannerworx said, “the futures are probably the most comfortable Jordan ever”, so I need to get a pair and with this colourway they could be the one!


4. The Jordan “Infrared 23” 11 Low

I have to admit I am a Jordan 11 fan but I wasn’t sure about the lows until they drop the last pair, these should have been called the space Jams and done thats it. Anyway these are still dope with the speckle back heel, and the fine red detail making these kinda special. it’s one of those silhouettes that you either love or hate, but I don’t think you will find many of those people do you?


3. The Jordan 6 “Champagne Pack”

Now these are special if you can get your hands on them, they were created in celebration of the fact that when Jordan used to win a title he would celebrate by drinking champagne and smoking a fat cigar, the detail is crazy, including lace ties shaped like the championship ring. These are a must cop but the big question is, which one will you go for the Cigar or Champagne pack?


2. The Jordan “Brazil” Pack

BRAZIL Scores!! And Nike Scored with this one the detail and colours are too sick. The only thing is everyone wants the 6’s so the CP’s in the pack will have to get donated to charity or something because no body wants them… And that’s good cause I think they are aiight so if you plan on giving yours away think of The King!


1. The Jordan “Family Forever”  

This had to be number 1 and if you are a Jordan fan like myself you will understand… The Family forever 1’s were designed by Micheal’s 3 kids and come with 3 laces and a denim finish, the quality of these look amazing, I hope they feel the same to and if they do, this silhouette definitely deserves the Number 1 spot!!

Hope you guys enjoy the world cup and please take it easy this weekend, as you wanna have some money left over to bet on your team.


Keep It Kinging!!

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