Kate Green – Photographer


Kate green is a photographer from Hastings currently studying a BA Photography at Falmouth, Cornwall.


Taking inspiration from street photographers and photojournalists such as Jim Goldeberg and Diane Arbus, Kate’s imagery has developed a contemporary, documentary, style.

 “…When I feel like I need some inspiration I usually just go for a walk… I end up ‘people watching’ a lot or even going to gigs or to the skate park…I usually prefer to go out and find things to photograph rather than setting up a shot, whether its people or places, it gives me the chance to find new stuff and meet new people. I try to have a camera with me all the time because you never know what you’re going to see.”


As well as working with digital photography, Kate loves getting her hands dirty in the darkroom.

“I like shooting in black and white 35mm or medium format film just because I prefer to way the images look and enjoy going through the whole ‘traditional’ process of developing the film, and spending time in the darkroom experimenting and making prints.”


Recently, Kates started to try experimenting with studio based work too, playing with lighting, coloured gels and portrait/fashion photography.

“I had never really done this kinda thing before but I enjoyed having more control over my photos and the subjects I was photographing.”

Check out thegreenroom93.wordpress.com for more of Kates work.

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