Kanye is set to part ways with ‘Nike’ for rival brand Adidas.  Since 2009 West has had huge success with two of his designs for Nike, the Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy II, being sell-outs. His final design for the brand is said to be dubbed ‘red October’ and is expected to be in even more demand than its predecessors.


The reason for the rapper jumping ship? simple money. Adidas have promised the rapper royalties something that Nike did not, the reason being “he is not an athlete” . The rapper announced the “official, non-official, official” deal on the Angie Martinez radio show yesterday

“The old me, without a daughter, would have taken the Nike deal because I just love Nikes so much,” he said. “But the new me, with a daughter, takes the adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family.”

Adidas have yet to confirm this announcement , but it is rumoured that they have promised west his own design facility.

“I am going to be the Tupac of product,” he added on the radio show. “I’m going to be the first hip-hop designer and because of that I’m going to be bigger than Walmart.”


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