‘Iverson’ Documentary Trailer


One of the most prolific and talked about players in the history of the NBA can now add ‘self titled documentary film’ under his belt of achievements. The ‘Iverson’ documentary features career tales from the infamous Philadelphia 76’er, plus tattoo theories and discussions about the point and shooting guard’s notorious hairstyles give the world an insight into his personal life. ┬áHis career spanned over a decade gracing him with accolades such as NBA Rookie of the Year, 4 x NBA Scoring champion plus an Olympic Cap for his country, just to name a few. The film will debut at the Tribeca Film festival on April 29, and includes interviews from Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Larry Brown and of course the man himself. ┬áCheck out the breathtaking trailer above.

Words Emily Munns

Iverson Documentary Trailer Video Iverson Documentary Trailer | Video


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