Introducing UK Clothing Brand ‘Pairs™’

We Are Pairs

Tracksuits are one of the more polarising fashion trends. Love them or hate them, they can tend to fall in to either the bracket of either workout gear or a fashion accessory.

Gone are the days where tracksuits were lounge wear or ‘lazy wear’, brands have created high-end tracksuits which can be worn in everyday instances. With the rise of these staple pieces and people working from home more, it is the perfect time to introduce a new brand, bringing us bottoms like never before.

Introducing the brand, Pairs™ created by UK sneakerhead Mike Pairs.

The perfect fitting, premium and most likely patterned, pair of tracksuit bottoms you have been missing from your wardrobe.

The pairs that come from this brand are nothing like that found on the market today, they are comfortable, patterned and known for their high quality finishing’s. Designed by a sneaker head for those who love the comfort of jogging bottoms but love attention to detail when it comes to tailoring and craftsmanship but also appreciate a cuff that sits on their shoe perfectly, every single time while having pockets deep enough to hold your ever growing mobile phone.

The materials we use are not your average cotton bottom, only the finest materials and patterns are sourced to make these pairs and in such limited quantities that each run is extremely limited, different and does not restock, making the patterned pairs extremely rare and highly sought after.

Grab your premium bottoms now on Pairs UK & follow Mike Pairs on Instagram