HONOR challenges the UK to be more #SwitchedOn around youth stereotypes


HONOR has released research that unveils smartphones are allowing young people in Britain to become more creative, entrepreneurial and alert to socio-political issues than ever before. New research conducted by mobile tech brand HONOR has revealed that over three quarters of over 45’s believe that young people spend too much time on their phones, while
only 8% of those aged 18-24 feel any negative effects of their smartphone usage.

Those aged 16-24 are now paving the way for younger ‘Gen Z-er’s’, following suit of young social activists such as Greta Thunburg and Liv Francis-Cornibert. A staggering 80% of Gen Z now use their smartphone as their main connection to the world, agreeing that without it, they wouldn’t be aware of world news, politics or be as environmentally conscious.

In the last 12 months, over half of them have signed a petition online, a quarter have shared a petition via their social channels and more than four in 10 have followed an activist or politician on social media.

Smartphone use

Gen Z (18-24)[2]

Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (45+)

To be more creative



To increase social consciousness



To be more environmentally conscious



Olivier Dobo, HONOR UK Marketing Director, said: “Our research shows that young people are getting more out of their smartphones than any previous generation, and we’re proud to help them continue to do so. Phones like our new HONOR 20 PRO mean young people can start to change their world as easily as they change the track they’re listening to, so the fact that so many of Gen Z are embracing the opportunities smartphones offer is really great to see.”

Graham Golden, co-founder of street art collective, Graffiti Kings said: “We are excited to unveil this impactful project, which reflects on different perceptions of how young people use their phones. They get a lot of stick for spending too much time online, but this piece brings to life some of the positive things they are doing through technology, from expressing their creativity to being young entrepreneurs“.

To highlight these new findings, HONOR has partnered with Professional Graffiti and Street Art Team, Graffiti Kings, to create a 30ft artistic mural on a wall in Shoreditch. The artwork will be on display to the public depicting the two sides of the story. In a two-part mural that comes alive at night, the image will show the activities that Gen Z are really up to on their phone, as well as what they’re perceived to be doing.

 The HONOR 20 PRO was designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the world’s youth, featuring one of the best all round creative camera systems available in the market. It features HONOR’s first ever AI Quad Camera, and comes with Ultra-High ISO Sensitivity, which provides a better low-light photography experience.

HONOR 20 PRO is available in either Phantom Blue, exclusively at Carphone Warehouse or Phantom Black, available at Amazon, Argos, MPD, Very and A1 Comms as well as Carphone Warehouse. Customers who buy the HONOR 20 PRO between 1 August and 18 August will also receive a free HONOR Watch Magic, normally £179.99.