We caught up with an amazing street artist at the Freshly made Urban arts market in Bricklane a couple of weeks ago and he agreed to share with you some of his work and a bit of his story meet SOMA.

Soma initially started out as a graffiti writer in 1984, discovering the book ‘Subway Art’ and the documentary ‘Style Wars’. His main influences were artists such as Dondi and Futura 2000, at first he emulated their work perfecting his skills and then eventually sought to create his own style of artwork.

Over time Soma started to develop the techniques he had originally employed from ‘straight-letter’ graffiti, into a more abstract style of line work, which would continue to overlap and traverse into a series of formations, rather than the focus being the aesthetic of the letter form.

Soma is not a one trick pony, he also became involved in music and film, particularly screenwriting. The shaping and refining of sound is the most important aspect to him as a musician and how sound is visualised has influenced a lot of the style of how he paints; as of what he have learned from writing, such as theme and narrative, he is hoping to make evocative of his artwork in the same way music has.

Take a look at this unique style of street art and Leave us a comment below. If you want to contact the artist for commissions or to see more of his work email us at trapped.com@gmail.com. and go to http://www.voidstates.com/

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