Hollington Bowl Jam 2013


This is a straight forward receipe but the ingredients must be sourced locally. Firstly as a base you’ll need a 41/2 ft figure of eight concrete bowl and then add the key ingredients. I made this on Saturday 10th August and was lucky enough to get Hollington, St Leonards on Sea, E. Sussex’ freshly grown top BMXers, Skaters etc and a crowd that loved anyone pushing themselves.

First to be added to the mix was the Scooter section with a big under sixteen turn out. The Scooter section was judged by sponsored rider Max Parks from Eastbourne and the standard of riding was high but the rider of the day was Nicky C who owned the bowl.

The next ingredient puts Hastings on the map, BMX, with the locals wanting individual runs by age group. Some of the young BMXers’s really impressed with local lad Stu C killing it all day and walking away with a Jet BMX. The BMX section was witnessed and judged by the legendary Amos B and Leigh “Stan” S who between their sponsors and opening the London Olympics (until Danny Boyle bottled it and binned them) know good riding.

What made the BMXing stand out was all the riders were local and highlights that blew the crowd and fellow riders away…Stan’s back flip over safety barrier, Ryan M’s 720, Alex N’s massive air over guitarist!

Leigh Standivan
Leigh Standivan

After simmering the BMX nicely skateboarding was mixed in. U13’s showed transition skating is alive and well in the form of Edward O aged 8 and Jake W aged 11! both mini rippers. The local skaters dominated under 16 skateboard. The largest event of the day, over 16 skate, really showed what the bowl has achieved with local tech master Lewis W blowing away all competition. Wight Trash local legend Mike M skated with a broken back! Didn’t stop the massive melon over the hip.

hollington bowlfinals-1543

The skater’s were judged by pro-skater and Wight Trash top man John Cattle. After all the ingredients were assembled a warm sunny heat was applied for over 6 hours leading to the final part of the receipt the removal of over a 1k worth of prizes from the bowl and product to the deserving. The entire day was the result of one man’s vision Graham Morrow at Amicus Horizon and all the sponsors The Source, Wight Trash, Drawing Board, Re al and organiser Matt Davey. Lets hope a receipe this successful can be repeated again next year.

hollington bowlfinals-1784

Written By Matt Creasy

Photos By Frankie Cooper

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