Happy Birthday YouTube!


Yesterday (23rd April) marked 8 years since the first ever video was uploaded to youtube, we know what your thinking-only eight years?! Unbelievable isn’t it.

The first upload was by the sites co founder Jawed Karim back in 2005, not one of the most exciting home movies (“So here we are in front of the elephants…”) but it is now considered one of the most important examples of internet history.

Since YouTubes creation, we have seen the birth of the modern ‘celebrity’- if you have a video camera and an internet connection you have the means to make yourself, or even your pet, an overnight superstar. Justin Bieber was famously discovered on the site and the parents of ‘charlie bit my finger’-we know you’ve seen it- have paid off there mortgage just from advertisers on the clip alone!

Today, youtubes reach is incredible, 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute and 4 billion hours of video are watched every month!

As we think back on some of our favourite youtube clips we ask,what really makes a cat playing a piano just so darn funny?

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