French Montana x Nicky Jam Drop Song- Baby You Are My High (Latin Remix)

French Montana

The urban-music pioneer Nicky Jam is leading the way to globalize one of 2020’s most surprising hits – “Baby You Are My High” (Ty Moy Kayf).On this official Latin remix, he is joined by the Moroccan-American hi-hop artist French Montana and the Russian duo Dzharo & Khanza who created the original version.

The single is available from all digital-music platforms, while the video can be enjoyed via Dzharo & Khanza’s  YouTube channel.

Released in January 2020, the original version of “Ty Moy Kayf” unexpectedly achieved massive success in Mexico, which then served as the jumping-off point for the song to be embraced by Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Fans of Latin urban music identified deeply with this track’s arrangements and vibe, in spite of its Russian lyrics. In Latin America, it received the informal nickname “Inmortal” due to the word’s similarity to the pronunciation of the song’s title in Russian.

During a year marked by lockdowns and quarantine, this breezy urban-music confection let us travel virtually and dream of the day when we can bring together different cultures in person.

With this Latin Version, Nicky Jam, French Montana and Dzharo & Khanza promote musical unity on a trilingual mix with verses in Spanish, English and Russian. Nicky Jam’s lyrics are brimming with sensuality: “Besándote asi, tocándote asi, solitos tú y yo, una noche de pasión, me muero por ti” (Kissing you this way, touching you this way, just you and I, I die for you.)

Nicky Jam feels proud of the cultural unity promoted by this remix: “This is for the culture! It’s exciting being involved in projects that are so diverse, especially if I’m working with people as talented as French Montana and Dzharo & Khanza. It proves once again that music has no limits and language is not a barrier.”

French Montana, the performer of such global chart-toppers as “Unforgettable” and “No Stylist,” sings the second verse in English with lyrics about good times and VIP excursions with his shorty.

French Montana says on the ultimate collaboration: “It feels great to link with Dzharo & Khanza and Nicky Jam (my brothers) on a record with this type of energy and vibe.  This is a global record where the world will hear our individual artistic influences come together as a united sound and culture for the people.”

“Ty Moy Kayf (Baby You Are My High) Latin Version” is the perfect soundtrack to an international romance or a long dreamed-of trip with a loved one.

Dzharo & Khanza note that they are very grateful for the contributions of their all-star collaborators: “We got really excited when such an opportunity occurred. After the success of an original version of the track in Latin American countries, it seemed a perfect way to bring the Russian and the Latin cultures together. We believe we have very much in common, for example, a really so-called soul-oriented approach to the creative processes. We would like to thank Nicky Jam and French Montana for revitalizing the song with their melodic lyrics and beautiful voices.”

This remix is poised to continue the momentum of the original version, which set a record for most videos uploaded to TikTok, over 2.5 million. In addition it was named among Shazam’s Top 100 songs of 2020 worldwide, while going Top 10 on the platform in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, India and Turkey (#1).