Exclusive Review: Crepe City Magazine ‘Issue 3’

The Crepe City Team dropped the 3rd issue of their magazine in October coming after the recent success with the first two issues that flew off the shelves. We were fortunate to have issue 3 in our hands to read, share and review.

First glance at the issue we could tell that the Crepe City crew came back bigger and better, literally. We could visibly see what had changed from the last two issues. The quality of the visuals such as the photography was sharper and stood out more, the handcrafted typography by Colophon Foundry was second to none, the pages felt like silk and layout of the whole mag had improved a lot since the first two issues.


Opening the magazine for the first time we were treated to the ‘Editors Letter’ written by Creative Director Alex Powis  ”..Those of you who’ve picked up issues 01 or 02 will notice change, and lots of it. The most noticeable is our new format — we’ve gone bigger. More room for the amazing photography we commission and more breathing space for those insightful words found throughout. After exploring a multitude of options, we felt the format that you hold right now was the truest to our original vision of CREPE CITY Magazine, while moving us in a new direction. Again, we continue to work with some of the best names in our industry and beyond.” Closing his letter with “Hopefully when you get to the end of the milestone issue you’ll agree with us that we’ve achieved our goal; everything that is essential”


The magazine covered a variety of topics such as Women in Sneakers: Long Road to Gender Equality, Teaming up with photographer Bruno Drummond for Adidas Orginals EQT Modern, The face of the mag, Walt “Clyde” Frazier and the Puma “Clyde”, Archive: Edison Sabajo, founder of Patta,  Jon Tang of Fronteer, Christian Tressor, designer of the Nike Zoom Air Spiridon and a fitting City Guide of London by Mubi Ali from SneakersNStuff for the international readers.

For us, the article that stood out is “The Archive by Edson Sabajo, one of the founders of Patta, interviewed by Alex Powis on how Patta started, Edson’s diverse sneaker collection both written and photographed, similarities in the sneaker game and how the game has changed in the last 20 years. The interview was very insightful from a person who has been around for many years and has been observing the game in depth starting one of the most well known street wear brands to date, Patta.


Another stand out in the mag, and the face of the third issue was the interview with one of the basketball legends, New York Knicks’ Walt “Clyde” Frazier, interviewed by Megan Ann Wilson. Speaking on his Puma “Clyde” trainer collection in 1972-73, being one of the few NBA players who had a sneaker endorsement deal, dealing with being one of the first and how he balanced having a deal with Puma and leading the NY Knicks to the Eastern championship, playing for the LA Lakers and the NBA All Star Team in the 70’s to the present 2016 where the vintage Puma “Clyde” sneaker made its comeback to commemorate such a great.


The sneaker culture has followed suit into the digital age and is available at a click of a button anywhere in the world. Bringing back the book format hits home more and welcomes room for interpretation of each article and each picture tells a different story in such a simple yet touching way which the we don’t necessarily have viewing something on our phones or laptops.

The Crepe City team have brought back the nostalgic feel of having a tangible product, the magazine in your hand where the reader can gain knowledge and view things in a different light. Sitting down in your creative space, in your room surrounded by your sneakers with the magazine in hand really sets the scene and gives us, the reader and the magazine a whole different meaning and communicates with us in a way a digital copy just cannot.

CC have done a great job giving us sneaker heads something to show and cherish, through the magazine. It is written and laid out in such a way that we don’t want to put it down, we want to share our views and everyone reading this has their own story to tell.


The sneaker community is a massive family and the issue is like our child, something that shows the world that the sneaker culture is not a pair of trainers on your feet. It is a way of living and something that we have in common and love.

Thank you very much to the CC team for this great issue. We cannot wait to see what else Crepe City has in store in Issue 4 and the next CC event!

Crepe City Magazine Issue 03 is available now at all major sneaker retailers and on Crepe City’s Online store. Make sure you get a copy and support the team and culture!

Words by : Aman Basi – @SignorBasi 

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