SBTV Summer Cookout – Exclusive Recap

Summer in the Music world is a big thing, its a time of exciting performances, festivals holidays in the sun and lots of new music. To celebrate the beginning of the season youth media platform SBTV  Hosted a Summer Cookout to bring together a huge roster of popping artists, great food the top DJ’s in the game right now and for a beach themed party with plenty of vibes and for once some good weather. Jamal Edwards pulled in both Grime artists, Rappers Vocalists and entertainers to keep the day varied and cater for everyones musical tastes. Our team were down there to capture the day and give you a snapshot of the day. Checkout the amazing images below and if you weren’t there judging by these you definitely need to go next year!

Photography:  Nicholas Sandzi – @Nicholas_sandzi & James Hanna – @jmz_uk


IMG_7573 IMG_7578 IMG_7580 IMG_7739 IMG_7733 IMG_7785 IMG_7789 IMG_7774 IMG_7728 IMG_7723 IMG_7567 IMG_7519 IMG_1591 IMG_2032 IMG_8166 IMG_8156 IMG_7849 IMG_7814 IMG_7681 IMG_7569 IMG_7511 IMG_7514 IMG_7504 IMG_7477 IMG_7468 IMG_7462 IMG_7480 IMG_7496


IMG_7951 IMG_8134 IMG_8239 IMG_7919 IMG_8119 IMG_2342 IMG_2280 IMG_2317 IMG_2491 IMG_2580 IMG_8411 IMG_8633 IMG_8257

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