Exclusive Recap – Crepe City Spring 2015

Crepe City

Last weekend was the return of the Crepe City Sneaker festival in Truman Brewery, the first words that come to mind when describing the day are ‘Bigger’ and ‘Better’. The crowds outside the event before the 12pm opening time were similar to a major Music festival or concert but when the doors to the East London venue opened the sheer size of the space and organisation of the event absorbed every single person and there was still enough room to swing a cat between each stall.

The sneakers on display at this event were also a lot more varied and instead of table upon table of  2014 / 2015 releases there was some real diamonds in the dirt. Jason Markk, Stance Socks and Ropes Laces really made the most of their official sponsorship status offering a sneaker cleaning chair, showcasing the Yeezy 750 Boosts with the Crepe City and Ropes laces collab laces and having large areas to display all of their products. The energy and vibes throughout the day were positive as people grabbed their grails and spoke with old and new friends about their common shared interest the sneaker game.

As always there was UK Fashion in attendance from stalls like Leopold Albert, Young Brittania, SWAG LDN, and more and the official Puma and Diadora stalls showcased their latest wares converting curious sneakerheads and impressing existing fans.

Crepe City are really learning from each event and taking in some of the feedback given to them to make each event better than the last and it really shows. Check out the pics below and follow the team on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their journey.

Photography: Buki Bakare (@Bak2Buks media)

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