Miss Bonds ep ‘Meds’  makes us breath a sigh of relief,  you may recognise her from ‘Wrech 32’ track ‘Forgiveness’,  But the Londoner is staying true to her roots and not going down the all too familiar american wanna be root that so many female artist are often pushed to go, even though you can here moments of american influence its simply that and flipped into her own style. Think ‘M.I.A’ meets ‘Adele’.

Etta Bond is so refreshing and unique in all she does,  right from her vocal delivery , honest lyrics and style. Her smoky voice has elements of jazz, soul r&b and hip hop.  Raf Riley’s production is also distinctly ‘uk’ which so relevant to the scene right now.  Their ep has the right balance of being able to appeal to the masses without loosing its ‘cool’ underground edge.

Stand out tracks for us are ‘Loop Hole’ ‘Break Free’and ‘Fanbabe,.

Etta is signed to Labrinths lable ‘Odd Child’ . We expect to hear and see a lot more from Etta Bond,  could she possibly be our next big uk export ??

Well we love her and are official fans so big up Miss Bond , If you Haven’t  already then go cop Etta Bond X Raf Riley FREE EP ‘MEDS’ right here.


Stand out tracks for us are


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