Editorial: Ewan Waddell Reinterprets Bene Culture’s ‘A Dull World Collection’

Bene Culture

Bene Culture is one of Birmingham’s upcoming brick and mortar & online retail platforms for the independent streetwear scene, a scene that has developed at a fast pace over the last 2/3 years. As well as hosting popular and upcoming brands and designers such as local fashion brand Hoodlab, the store stock niche brands such as Atelier, Heresy and Tealer, amongst others.

Beneculture’s in-house brand is developing at a fast pace, as the collective become inspired from the fashion they surround themselves with. The latest collection ‘A Dull World’  is a contrast of functional and logo heavy staples born from a dull urban backdrop. Upcoming Birmingham photographer Ewan Waddell has explored the theme in greater detail, giving a closer inspection of the pieces themselves, whilst placing them into every day environments.

Check out Bene Culture online. 

Photographer Ewan Waddell – @ewan.runescape, Model: Kai Elcock @Kaielcock

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