ImageBoth their British-bred vocals infused and their internationally recognised R&B flow have made Dora Martin unique to the UK R&B scene. Cherri Voncelle (Cherri V) and Jermaine Riley (former member of FDM), are musical twins who teamed up to become Dora Martin. The name Dora Martin derives from the risk-taker within the character Dora The Explorer and the determination behind Dr Martin Luther King’s “I Have A dream” speech. A risk worth exploring, Dora Martin have followed their dreams and begun a new chapter in their musical careers.

ImageTheir musical pasts are mirrored as they have both experienced the ups and downs of being group members as well as solo artists having previously released great music without having a platform to present it on. However, as Dora Martin evolves, their musical talents are finally getting the rightfully deserved credit. They first performed live, as the opening act for R&B legend Brandy. Since then they have performed at the Nokia Lumia 925 launch party where they stole the whole show. The duo have previously released their first single Skyline and are now following that up with their latest single Black History. Both tracks are featured on the Coalition EP which is available now on Itunes.


Written by Nancy Nikberg

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