The latest Crepe CitySneaker event brought light to the evolution of the sneaker wearing community. What started as an event solely for the buying and selling of trainers has now developed to a stage where we see more artists coming in and showing off their own interpretations of the sneaker game.

At Crepe City 10 on March 29th, one artist in particular stood out from the crowd, paper artist Jess Linares. Jess adds a third dimension to her art by creating models of iconic trainers out of, you guessed it, paper. Jess’ latest work really stood out, as she took on the task of recreating iconic trainers from big blockbuster films such as: Teen Wolf, Kill Bill, Life Aquatic and Back to The Future II. Her amazing ability to make miniature lifelike trainers isn’t her only talent however; her career takes her to different areas such as film set design, music video design and the list goes on. Thankfully we will be seeing more from Linares’ at the next Crepe City event as she intends to create a line of Air Mag shoes with LEDs to give them that true authentic look. Make sure to follow Jess on Twitter at @ItsJessLinares.

Words: Adnan Chebib


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