Exclusive Review: J Hus “Common Sense”


The rapper that made bangers such as Friendly, Lean & Bop, Did You See and Samantha is back with his second album: Common Sense. The album contains 17 songs including Friendly and Did You See. The brand new track Common Sense is the diamond centrepiece of his album. The song heavily differs from his heavy afrobeat past and it brings a summer vibe to the album, along with a catchy hook.

My personal favourite song of the album is Clartin. As a grime lover, this more aggressive beat is what drew me. The slow build up to the first chorus makes the drop immense as the base drops and the gunshots spray through the beat. I could imagine that the song would shake the BBC Radio 1Xtra stage when he performs at Reading and Leeds Festival later this year.

Apart from that, the album is a lot calmer with the melodic slow beats of Fisherman and Did You See. The album is not just a solo effort from J Hus, as he has high-profile artists Mo Stack, MIST and Tiggs Da Author accompanying him. J Hus also keeps to his afrobeat roots with the song Good Time, which features Nigerian dancehall and reggae singer Burna Boy.

The album is far from being the best of all time and it would struggle battling against Stomzy’s Gang Signs & Prayer for superiority but it does deliver great songs for die-hard J Hus fans and newcomers to his music. It produces something for everyone. Looks like making bangers is just ‘Common Sense’ for the young artist.