Red Bull Cliff Diving World series 2013 (The Qualifiers)

at Hawkesbury river in Australia’s New South Wales.

We at Trap-ped love exhilarating shows of human ability, we appreciate focused individuals who perfect their craft day in and day out and compete against the best in their field to covet the title of champion.

With that being said we had to bring you a little piece on this amazing two day competition.


This was a tough competition in equally tough conditions full of surprises and examples of fine showmanship.

Matt Cowen GB, Blake Aldridge GB, Jonathan Paredes MEX, Michal Navratil CZE, and Anatoliy Shabotenko UKR have all earned their place in one of sports most prestigious series the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 alongside Gary Hunt GB, Orlando Duque COL, Artem Silchenko RUS and David Coutri USA the top five ranking divers from the 2012 competition.

The Redbull Cliff diving championship starts on May the 25th in France for the first of eight global competitions


In competitions each diver will make four dives at each tour stop and the winner is the diver with the highest points total from all four of those dives. The winners compete in a rank system and the top five divers in the overall ranking at the end will then qualify automatically for 2014.

From left to right Jonathan Paredes, Michal Navratil,Blake Aldridge, Matt Cowen and Anatoliy Shabotenko.

From left to right Jonathan Paredes, Michal Navratil,
Blake Aldridge, Matt Cowen and Anatoliy Shabotenko.

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