Christmas Eve No No’s!




Christmas is a magical time of the year but with the seasonal holiday fast approaching it can also be seriously stressful! Having to think about presents, family visits and who does the cooking can be hectic; but above all this, there are some serious ‘no no’s’ when it comes to Christmas Eve!


Don’t go out on Christmas Eve and get completely hammered! Most of us love a drink the night before Christmas but the horrendous hangover the next day, definitely isn’t worth it.

Man dropping Christmas gifts in snow

Don’t leave buying presents until the last minute! Christmas shopping is stressful enough, so avoid venturing out to the shops on Christmas Eve; it will be packed and if you come back empty handed…. You’re not going to be in the families good books!


Lastly, make sure all your presents are wrapped before Christmas Eve night! Coming back from friends, family or the pub, to realise you haven’t wrapped any presents could be disastrous!

So to avoid the stress that comes with Christmas, make a list of things you have to do, or be organised at least! Have fun, but definitely don’t ruin the day for yourself, or anyone else!

Words: Raeanna Harward


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