Check Out the Carhartt WIP Store in London Before It Opens


Carhartt WIP announced that it will be opening a new store in Brewer Street, Soho, London and it comes just as Amsterdam streetwear brand have landed in Soho is this the revival of Brick and Mortar stores? Before the store opens we get to see inside and its a work of art! Featuring exposed brickwork as well as metal, wooden and concrete fixtures the store is a shrine to its workwear roots. Check out the pics below and make sure you pay the store a visit when it opens its doors on September 23.

carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-7 carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-6 carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-5 carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-4 carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-3 carhartt-wip-soho-london-store-2



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