Billie Eilish Debuts New Enhanced Album Experiences and First-Ever Artist Hub in Celebration of Happier Than Ever Launch – Only on Spotify


To commemorate the launch of Billie Eilish’s highly anticipated second studio album, Happier Than Ever, Spotify has unveiled its first-ever artist hub on-platform.

The hub marks the culmination of Spotify’s continued support throughout Billie Eilish’s journey – from Spotify’s bespoke When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? immersive experiences during her days as a budding artist to sweeping, unprecedented takeovers exclusively dedicated to the global phenomenon.

Happier: The Destination is fully equipped with a wide range of exclusive content custom-created by Billie Eilish herself that fans can only access on Spotify: from the superstar’s personally curated playlists, a surprise easter egg, and more.

The hub contains three new Enhanced Album experiences embodying three different forms: “Fan Mode,” “Billie Mode,” and “Lyric Mode” which will feature new, custom Billie Eilish content utilizing Spotify’s Canvas and Storylines, Playlist Clips.

Lyric Mode features Billie talking about each lyric in exclusive audioliners overlaid with motion graphics, bringing the words behind her songs to life. Billie Mode features dynamic visuals exploring themes of self discovery – featuring various versions of Billie embodying different positions and movements that reflect her journey. The Billie closest to us will address our camera directly as she shares her story. Fan mode features exclusive interview content with Billie featuring a soundscape of audio sent to Billie from fans throughout. The playlist can be found here.