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The Bike Spike, is a much needed device invented to help cyclists safeguard their property and recover it if stolen.

The BikeSpike doesn’t replace a bike lock, but adds another layer of security, and it can be disguised with a custom water bottle cage. After locking up your prized possession you can then “digitally lock” it by arming the device via a web, iOS, or Android app. If the bike goes walkies the user receives an alert telling them the bike is on the move.

If your bike is stolen you have the option of making the exact location data public thanks to GPS along with a photo of the bike to make it easy to spot. Access to this information can also be granted to the police.

Currently on Kickstarter, this Invention is actually in a finished product state and can be purchased for a pledge. For more details on this essential security device got to

watch the video below:

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