Mr. Benjart is the mastermind behind this London clothing brand that has began with £100 and is now a household name for the street wear culture. An aesthetic he defines as “streets to paradise” which has influences from his underground roots and the luxury living that can be seen in London. This dichotomy has proved to be the corner stone used to build up Benjart clothing and to keep it in everyone’s mind. This ‘raw luxury” vision has the street wear staples but also manages to mix it in a way it feels fresh, with the zipper details, the classic colours and the crest that adorns the garment.

To this day the brand remains 100% independent of any outside investments which leaves Mr. Benjart as the sole creative director of the brand, perhaps explaining the fresh feeling the brand gives off. As for the future of the brand, earlier this year Mr Benjart explained he wishes to start a subsidiary in Dubai and continue collaborations with luxury hotels in London after a very successful run in the W hotel. His pieces are available online.

Words: Camila Abisambra

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