Alex senna is a street artist from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, amazingly for an artist he is color blind, yet is able to create vivid expressions of human relationships amid a strict authoritative atmosphere and extreme poverty. From the language of illustration, comics and 90’s graffiti, Alex Senna builds a playful, poetic and strong popular appeal narrative. Alex uses Universal signs taken from a child’s imagination – hearts , birds , musical notes , balloons and their compositional variations to give color to a work 90% marked by the use of black and white. Alex developed solid lines in only one color in his drawings and notebooks until the moment when transposed to the walls of the city, marking the urban setting with a simple and clearly affective visuality.

The fragility of the exposed moments invented by Alex contrast with the aggressive hardness suggested by urban Art. more of Alex Sennas work can be found here.

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