adidas x Unisport 25th Anniversary Tribute Pack


Scandinavian soccer store Unisport has released a special football kit collection in cooperation with Adidas to celebrate its 25-years anniversary – introducing the Adidas x Unisport Tribute Pack.  The collection is very limited with only 300 anniversary football shirts that will be launched on Saturday 12th of December.

The Tribute Pack celebrates Unisport’s 25th Anniversary. The three jerseys in it were designed for fans and football lovers. The collection features The Paris Shirt, The Unisport Shirt & The Copenhagen Shirt.

The Paris Shirt – A shirt inspired by Paris, the French capital and the city’s football culture​ with an eye-catching pink ​stripe. We celebrate Paris as the new capital​ of football, with this shirt that carries adidas’ logo on the middle of the chest with Unisport’s anniversary-badge badge just below​

The Unisport Shirt – The shirt is designed in Unisports signature color of dark green. The shirt is inspired by the growing relationship between streetwear and football, and connects football fans on and off the pitch​. The word football has been written in different languages on the front of the shirt. adidas’ logo is featured on the right chest and Unisport’s anniversary-badge on the left​.

The Copenhagen Shirt – A classic timeless design​ celebrating 25 years of football​ in Copenhagen. This exclusive shirt marks Unisports 25th anniversary, celebrating fans and clubs. The fresh black shirt is detailed with the perfect balance of gold.​ adidas’ logo is featured on the middle of the chest and Unisport’s anniversary-badge badge just below​.

The Adidas x Unisport Tribute Pack releases on December 10 and is available from December 12st at Unisport. Each shirt is limited to just 100 pieces and sold with a special box.

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