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LA based brand Acrylick continue to bring their positive energy to the fashion world with their second installment of their SS14 collection. The brand has always remained true to their core values and inspirations of art, music, soul and philosophy, and the newest collection is of no exception, with the brand showcasing symbolic imagery and slogans across a range of tees. The newest delivery was inspired by the change and transformation Spring brings, whilst still upholding their main focuses of positivity, tradition, individuality and strength. There are essential meanings and symbolism behind each unique design, represented by either original graphics or ethical slogans. Some of the Tees celebrate the evolution of music, from a Geisha/Turntable contrast to a celebration of iconic Hip Hop artists as ‘Street Poets’, whilst others encourage the evolution of society, with one Tee reading ‘Only dead fish swim with the current’. View the full collection online at




Words by Katie Maloney





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