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The amazing city of London really does have something happening everyday. Monday saw the opening of the new Nike SB, solo retail space on the 1st floor of size? Carnaby Street, in Central London. We were down there to get a look at it and bring you a tour of this skaters retail paradise. Collaborating with Illustrator Stevie Gee, Nike SB have sought to assert their own identity outside of known retail spaces such as Nike Town in Oxford street and the Nike stores dotted around the country. With grind rails, hanging skateboards and concrete steps the skatepark feel is very obvious, however instead of being cold and hard, the additions of quirky features such as the wheel of fortune and a gallery of colourful faces introduces a fun engaging side to the space. For the customer, Nike’s sleek professional side is evident in the polished wood flooring, large bay windows and immaculate product displays. size? Carnaby street has long been the go to place for the latest sneakers and exclusive releases and now with the addition of the Nike SB space they are sure to be on the tongue’s of many a London Skater.

Photography: Nicholas Sandzi // Trapped Magazine

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