Jake ‘Rapture’ Stewart is an up & coming DJ from Hastings who has being constantly trying to work himself into the music scene. With help from Hastings legends such as DJ Melinki, DJ Swifty & MC Lively, he has slowly started playing regularly at local raves and parties. Rapture first started off playing dubstep with his partner in crime Rogues. They started building up a reputation and went on to earn the title of ‘The Deadly Duo.’ Rapture now tries to play out with any genre he can get his hands on, covering House, Funky, Garage and mainly Drum and Bass. Jake does his best to help out with the local music scene, whether it be hosting his own parties with ‘The Hideout’ or helping promote other local promoters like ‘UWOTBLUD’ & ‘Soundproof.’


Tell us more about ‘The Hideout’..The Hideout logo

The hideout originally started out as me trying to organise a birthday rave! Then I spoke to Melinki, and we got talking about The Boiler Room and how much we like the whole concept of it. So we figured, why not do it for my birthday! Then we got talking and decided this could actually work as an ongoing project! I knew Elliott previously so I asked him if it’s doable, and he was more than keen to jump on board. We spoke about cameras, put it in to practice, and got it all ready for my Birthday. And that’s how The Hideout happened.

Who’s your favourite DJ right now?

I follow alot of dj’s, purely because I try and cover as many genres as possible, so I guess I have a few favourite dj’s? Haha. I rate Sub Zero & Hazard, purely because of their rate of mixing and their versatility! And I’ve always thought Skream is such a talented guy.

What’s best rave you’ve been to?

My first musical influence, if we take it back right to the beginning.. Was Bruce Springstein haha! My dad took me to one of his concerts, and seeing him perform in front of all of those people whilst he was having the time of his life was a huge eye opener. But I think dj wise it must of been Chase & Status when I saw them at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne.

Who was your first musical influence?

Recently I went to Distortion which was an Innovation event , and that personally was the best rave I have EVER been to! But I am a huge dnb head haha. But in all honesty, the UWOTBLUD nights are perfect! I get to listen to every kind of genre I like, I get to dj to an amazing group of people and I get to catch up with a load of people I hardly get to see!

Where would you most like to play?

At the moment I keep trying to better myself when it comes to mixing, in hope that one day I can play somewhere massive! I’m not sure if I have an ideal place to play.. But I reckon somewhere like The Coronet would be carnage, I’ve seen some of my favourite dj’s play that stage and it looks ridiculous!

Last words…

Cheers for speaking to me! It feels weird having to do this knowing it’s only the beginning of my djing “career” but I really appreciate it. Shout out to Melinki, Elliott, Rogues, Elmstreet, Kinsella, Jesse, Josh, Swifty, Lil Lively, Jack Knife and Power! And the rest of the people that have helped me to get me where I am now, it’s still a long way! But I can’t wait to tackle the challenges!

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