Banksy Opens “Walled Off” Hotel in Palestine


The masked crusader Banksy has been quiet on social media since Dismaland back in 2015. Now we all know why.

Named the “Walled Off” Hotel, Banksy’s new hotel project touches on controversial barriers that separate Israel from Palestine. The hotel consists of ten rooms which have all been designed by Banksy himself and boasts artwork on the walls which shines light on the current war between Israel and Palestine.

To further push the idea of reality,  the hotel is located outside of Bethlehem which is controlled by Israeli’s. Banksy said that his hotel is geared towards “young Israelis who might normally spend their weekends clubbing in Tel Aviv” & also said that he will host an exhibition by various Palestinians whom have never had the chance to showcase their work.

This is a bold move from Banksy, trying to bridge the gap and bring both Israeli and Palestinian people together through the power of art.

Take a look inside the hotel below.