GRM Daily Roast The Daily Mail Over JME Slander

As many of you will have seen yesterday, via social media, The Daily Mail used BBK artist JME in their piece on discrediting Jeremy Corbyn as a credible Labour Leader. The Mainstream Media platform used old tweets from Corbyn about race and offensive sexual references to cast doubt on the politicians current drive to condemn racism and anti semitic comments and accused the North London Grime Artist of retweeting them. The focus on JME comes after Skeptas brother has been publicly supporting Jeremy Corbyn and urging his fanbase to vote in the upcoming election.

Well that article went down like a lead balloon with the newspaper getting a backlash from Social Media. GRM Daily the Grime and UK Rap underground platform took offence and their Editor and Chief Alex Griffin wrote a letter roasting the newspaper which ended with a quote from Drake. Take a look at the letter in full below.


GRM Daily

“Don’t ignore me, I’m writing politics,”

-Jme, Boy Better Know

Dear Daily Mail,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful insight into the meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Jme last week. Thank you so much for revealing Jme to be “racist” and “anti-semetic”. Thank you for bringing up years old contextually ambiguous retweets to prove your points.
Thank you so much for reminding us all, once again, why you’re an absolute disgrace of a rag that isn’t even worth wiping my arse with.
We don’t usually do this sort of thing on GRM, but your framing of – not that I know him personally, but from the countless interviews I’ve watched, stories I’ve been told and music I’ve listened to – one of the most clean-hearted and genuine individuals in the music industry is absolutely disgusting.
It’s no surprise that you didn’t like what Jme had to say, being a strong minded and successful black man, and you have embarrassed yourselves by attempting to use him as a pawn in pushing your agenda. Your slander will not bring down Jme and you will not silence his or our voices.
Bun the Daily Mail, suck your mum.
Yours truly,
Griff, Editor-in-Chief, and the GRM team.

“I just had to say my piece about it,”

-Drake, Boy Better Know


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