Che Lingo Sends Out A Message to the Mandem With New Visuals For “Metal & Rocks”

Che Lingo is the UK Rap games Enigma, they haven’t quite worked out whether to fully embrace his Lyrical genius or tiptoe around it until it fully evolves into the powerful Musical sword that crashes through doors and swipes away barriers with ease. Messengers are usually shot or punished for informing the people of hard to digest facts however in this case Che Lingo should be heralded as a hero.

Metal & Rocks is a reminder and a warning to blind followers of the grind and hustle, glitz and glamour that we see glorified on social media and also a prevalent reality so often overlooked in our own estates and neighborhoods. The Visual is a stark contrast to the Clapham Rappers previous videos and embraces the growth of Che as a visual storyteller.

Check out the visual below.






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