5 Streetwear Youtubers You Should Watch

Youtube is a huge platform for young creatives in this modern age. With many young people making a brand name and livelihood for themselves through what started as a hobby. With Instagram there for you to flex your clothes and fits, Youtube is becoming a hub for a deeper discussion and sharing opinions. There is an abundance of fashion vloggers and bloggers, with unique styles and views on streetwear. Trapped have rounded up 5 Youtubers we think you should watch.

Magnus Ronning

Magnus Ronning uploads consistent content covering a range of areas, with a love for memes thrown into the mix. Ronning’s content is varied, from Q&A’s, weekly fits to vlogs, to documenting the antics at Supreme drops with pretty informative stylings videos in the mix. With a pretty distinct style, himself, he strays away from the mainstream brands and focuses on quality over hype. You have to rate the guy for always giving an honest opinion. Never the less, you can still find Ronning’s views of hyped streetwear brands in his “my personal opinion” series.  Ronning’s latest video segment is styling videos, with his advice on how to style various colours – a must watch anyone looking to

Chop suey

Chop suey is a streetwear youtube channel run by Joe Carmicheal, focusing on news and updates in the community. Focusing on updates and news in his segment ‘hype news’, Carmichael rounds up whats new and popular in the world of streetwear. Carmicheal also posts ‘top 10 facts’ lists related to streetwear, hack videos, real vs fake spotting, as well as reviews on clothing items. The youtuber has a relaxed and minimal style of videos – stripped back without any over the top editing. Chop suey is an all round relaxed and informative channel for those looking to stay up to date with streetwear news.

Andrea Kyriacou

One of the leading ladies in the UK streetwear scene is currently making a name for herself on Youtube. With content filled with detailed latest pick ups, hauls, first impressions and even make up tutorials. Dre features a lot of Supreme, Bape and Palace in her videos mixed with a good selection of other brands and pieces she’s been loving. In a pretty male dominated scene, Dre gives her opinions and styling advice from a female perspective in the game.


American youtuber Johnny He, also known as Pingy online – the self proclaimed ‘funniest fob [that] shows you the freshest hype beast pickups. Pingy’s videos are pretty laid back and uncut with him regularly rambling about his latest pick ups, unboxings, sharing his clothing collection, and reviewing clothes. Wanting to break away from conventional vlogging, Pingy also shares personal videos, and sharing his thoughts and vulnerability in life in general. The authenticity and personality of Pingy set him apart.

Cleanest Apparel

Cleanest apparel is the youtube channel by Jacob Wallace another State side youtuber. Whilst the majority of Wallace’s videos are hauls and LPU’s, he also features a few creative DIY videos that you can follow along with. You can expect to see a lot of brands like Palace, Supreme, Gosha Rubichinskiy and Vetements in his videos as Wallace covers a pretty broad range of clothing brands. However the higher end purchases are balanced out with budget friendly affordable recommendations videos.