Trap-ped caught up with South London, Peckham based rapper Trigga on his return to the game.

Trigga that’s a name we’ve never heard of before tell us about your background in music?

I am a Uk rapper straight out of south london who goes by the name of TRIGGA aka T-COMBA, I started of my music journey rapping with the internationally known SN1 music label way back when, i am talking about the good old UNIT 10 days for all those who remember them.


You recently done a music video entitled ‘Words to a song’ is this the style of rap we can expect from you in the future?

That there is one style amongst many.


Who are your role models in the HipHop Industry both from the UK and the US?

I try not to really follow people to be honest, I’m just concentrating on my own style and the way I put across my lyrics to the people dem.

Tell us a bit about you as a person that people don’t know?

 What you see is what you get it is what it is.


Name your top five UK artists in the game right now?

 Giggs, J spades, Squeeks, Young mad b, Serena Soya


What do u think of UK rap right now and where do you see yourself fitting in?

I think the industry is open for the taking at this present moment, so honestly I see myself fitting right in there up time real soon.


Any last words?

Yeah make sure you all follow me on the social networks and all that big up Trapped Magazine for the interview one love.

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