How many times have you been on holiday with high hopes of getting some great snaps with your underwater disposable camera. Your snorkelling and  you see some amazing fish, amazing corals maybe even a ship wreck, you think great I have my underwater camera so I’ll take some pictures. You then get back home and you are excited to develop the pictures that you have taken underwater. After waiting another day you go to pick up your photos, with complete excitement you rip open the package, only to find really terrible quality pictures of blue, some more blue and the occasional colour, you can’t make out what anything is and you can tell even if you could the quality is so rubbish that you would never want to see the pictures again anyway.

Well heres the solution. This 8 megapixel snorkel camera. Yes the camera is attached to the snorkel. And yes its 8 megapixel. Im really not going to say much more about it as it just makes sense.

Having done some maths I’ve worked out that you don’t have to be a diving/ snorkelling fanatic for it to be a justifiable expenditure for a great holiday. The camera snorkel costs £109.95, seems steep at first, but take all this into account. At the airport or on holiday you would probably spend around £20 for your disposable underwater camera, on top of that when you get home you will develop them for around £15-£20, bringing the total to £35-£40 for rubbish unusable pictures, plus the price of your snorkel, mine cost £40 last year. With the camera snorkel you can reuse it, the quality is awesome and you get the snorkel, for what did we make it around £30 more, sound investment I’d say.

Oh yer you can get the cases to make your Iphone underwater useable now, if you love your Iphone as much as we do, I don’t think you’d trust that.

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