Supreme’s Yellow Plant Tee Sold out Faster Than the Serrano Collab Items

This is week 5 of the Autumn / Winter Drops from Supreme and as we were expecting the brand continues to sell out quicker than they can stock the shelves. ( with a little help from bots )

On this drop, the most hyped pieces were the Andres Serrano collab products, Playboy varsity jackets, the big box logo long-sleeve tees, some never-before-seen graphic t-shirts and the Bang and Olufsen portable speakers. Surprisingly the controversial ‘Blood and Semen’ series by Serrano wasn’t the fastest pieces to go. The yellow plant tee was the quickest to hit and leave carts as it was gone in 10 seconds. This was followed by the Serrano Vans at 16 seconds and the dusty-blue Playboy varsity jacket at 35 seconds. Overall it looked like ‘Preme heads were more focused on apparel and accessories as the Bang and Olufsen portable speakers took the longest to go.

Take a look at this week’s breakdown below courtesy of @supcommunity:

Supreme Yellow Plant Tee and Serrano Collab Tee

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