Stash Peso Presents Debut EP ‘Shine’

After months of build up through visuals such as ‘Kagune BLVD’, ‘Liquid Darkness’ and ‘Glow’, rapper Stash Peso has dropped his silky debut EP ‘Shine’. The 6 track project draws inspiration from life experiences that Stash has gone through, the instrumentals selected across the EP are emotive, moody and shadowy, exactly the sort of articulate tone that Stash wants to portray to listeners. There’s a cold attraction which emits from this EP, the seriousness of Stash’s lyrics throughout the project are profound. The impact of them allow listeners to find out more about Stash’s enigmatic character. With production coming from Ricky Ramsey and SamXVI, ‘Shine’ has a dark, winter feel to it with elements that are perfect for a summers evening.

‘Shine’ is available to listen to on Stash’s SoundCloud page. Find the full EP below.

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Dwayne Bickersteth