Sneaks and Peaks 1 – Sneaker and Apparel Meet Birmingham – Exclusive Recap


Sneaker culture has always been a big thing in UK underground culture and over the years it has progressed and progressed to the stage where collectors are networking and hanging out more and more socially creating a very prominent Sneaker scene across The UK and it is now celebrated enough that Sneaker Events, occasions where collectors can trade and buy exclusive footwear and also streetwear and talk about their passions with their peers, are popping up nationally.

On Saturday 6th April Birmingham was host to its first Sneaker and Apparel meet called Sneaks and Peaks and our new photographer Lucy Clacher was down there to capture the whole vibe and the crazy mix of sneaker treats available. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we will let the photos speak for themselves. We wanna give a massive shout out to the guys and girls behind Sneaks & Peaks for creating and hosting a smoothly run, fantastic event and we are looking forward to the next one.

Photography: Lucy Clacher






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